My name is Mark Brown. I’m a father, carer, occasional researcher (MSc in Social Research Methods), activist, campaigner and gradually improving programmer. I mainly write about disability related issues, but also have an interest in global and environmental politics.

I was a co-founder and developer of Rightfullives.net but am no longer involved.

I’ve contributed work to Early Support’s Partnership Training and co-wrote a module on the importance of the ordinary in the everyday lives of families with disabled children. I have developed a participation framework for a local authority, specialist childcare provision for hundreds of disabled children (didn’t go that well for me but its all still running!)  and despite having become pretty cynical about much of what goes on within the system I remain committed to the principles of partnership working and participatory practice.

I am now also a qualified developer and am currently working on  a range of web apps and methodologies to support user participation, including a number of apps that will support young people and adults with learning difficulties in sharing their ideas and experiences.

If you want to get in touch you can email me on: Markliambrown@hotmail.com


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